Monday, January 24, 2011

Four Fun Facts & Further Falafel

My title might not make much sense, but I had to go for it with the alliteration!

The fantastical Jenny of Vegan And So Forth tagged me with Four Fun Facts.  If you haven't clicked on her in my blog roll yet, please go ahead and do it.  You'll love everything about her and her adorable family.

So here we go!

Four TV Shows I Watch:

I don't watch much current TV, so I would have to take it to the DVD's/Netflix and say:

1.  Star Trek (original series & Next Gen)
2.  Real Time With Bill Maher
3.  True Blood
4.  Sketch comedy (Kids in the Hall, Monty Python, Mr. Show)

Four Things I'm Passionate About:

This is pretty tough to narrow down, because I think I'm a pretty passionate person; annoyingly so, in fact.  My friends are nodding right now...

1.  Veganism......of course!
2.  Traveling, especially to Hawaii or to explore a city I haven't visited yet (I've been to 47 states).
3.  Reading and writing, and Shakespeare
4. Music (listening to it, playing it, singing it, writing it, everything about it)

Four Words/Phrase I Use Too Much 

I had to consult John, and he couldn't think of anything.  I'm usually pretty conscientious about not overusing phrases, but if I fall into any traps, they would be:

1.  In my opinion
2.  Pretty Cool
3.  So.....
4.  Really?

Four Things I've Learned From The Past

1.  Be aware that some people will mistake your kindness for weakness.  Don't expect it from everyone, but understand how to interpret the signs and assert yourself so that you don't get lost.

2.  Most of the time, no one is really thinking about your mistakes as much as you are.  They are too wrapped up in their own.

3.  99% of the things on your to-do list are completely unimportant in comparison to sitting quietly with someone you love and feeling the sun on your face.

4.  The only thing that can stop you from living the life you want to live is you.  If you allow yourself to give up some of that control, you will slowly but surely coast onto the path you were meant to walk.

Four Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1.  SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.  Vacation - even just the planning part, which often ends up being just as much fun as the trip itself
3.  Visiting my family in Mississippi this spring/summer
4.  Working on a new video production project with John

Four Things I Love About Winter

Wow, this is just a cruel and unusual question at the moment, considering the possible foot of snow headed toward me, that will be landing on what's already stacked up.

1.  It ends?  Maybe????????
2.  Christmas & my birthday
3.  Winter clothes, I like sweaters much more than t-shirts
4.  Vegan hot cocoa

So (Really?) I will be tagging a couple of other folks who I have been fortunate enough to meet since I started this blog a mere 24 days ago, who have been really supportive and friendly commenters on my blog:  Melody and Laloofah.  Ladies, in my opinion, you are pretty cool.

In other news, I wanted to let you know that I tried the falafel sandwich at Firewood Cafe, a new little restaurant that's only a few blocks from my house.  We were helping some friends move and needed to grab a quick lunch.  Instead of stopping and grabbing a horrendously overpriced sandwich to go from the local health food store, we decided to pop in and compare the Firewood's falafel to some of the others in town.  This restaurant is just getting started, but if their falafel sandwich is any indication, they should be in good shape.  The sandwich is not on the menu (the falafel mentioned is a salad), but they didn't bat an eye when I asked for it.  It's almost like a salad rolled up in a pita, because there's a ton of lettuce involved.  I found that to be a positive, since it was so crisp and fresh.  There's also red onion and tahini sauce, which is nicely not overpowering, as it can often be when people glop it on haphazardly.  The price is very nice, at less than $20 for two of us to have a sandwich, chips, and a soda.  At the moment, their drink and side selection is limited, but we were told that other options are on the way soon, including fries and a BYOB option.

I promise there is some falafel hiding in there somewhere!

This is only half of the sandwich, as I hoovered down the first half instantaneously.  Hey, we were helping people move!  Lots of stairs!  Heavy stuff!  10 degrees out!  Hahaha. Seriously though, totally recommended for an inexpensive, filling meal on a weekend afternoon.  Try it out!


  1. What a fun post! I enjoy these "getting to know you" exercises and had a great time learning more about you through your answers, especially the four things you've learned from the past. Good stuff!

    I'm flattered that you tagged me! It will be a while before I'll have time to post my own responses, but I'm looking forward to ruminating on it while I'm painting the linen closet. It will give me something to think about besides my own misery. ;-)

    And thank you for thinking I'm pretty cool! Likewise, I'm sure! :-)

    You're a total champ for helping your friends move, especially in the winter weather! You MORE than deserved a falafelfest. Sounds like Sahara is keeping their top spot in the falafel competition, but that you found another great source. Most excellent!

  2. hahahi thought the winter question was cruel too! i refused to answer it!!

    "Really?" for an overused phrase, thats cute!:) and i like all your "what ive learned from the past" answers. and similar to your answer, i dislike my compassion being confused with weakness.

  3. Take all the time you want, Laloofah! I'll look forward to reading what you come up with!

    I can't take all the credit for being awesome with helping my friends move, because they actually just helped me back in October. John threw his back out the week of our move, so it would have been just me, moving our (admittedly small) houseful of stuff into a (rather larger) third floor apartment. Wayne & Loraine helped me from beginning to end, working far too many late night hours and carrying a whole bunch of heavy stuff, so I was happy to be able to pay them back!

    DD, the winter this year is evil! I'm glad you liked my answers. I tried to stay positive, but the kindness mistaken for weakness has really burned me several times in the past year, and I just had to say it! I'm a fairly gentle person for the most part, but that gets me instantly fired up, whether I'm the victim, or someone I care about is.

  4. thanks for tagging me!
    ... and thanks for the chickpea/black salt idea.. I'll link back to your blog!

  5. Just found your blog through VegWorcester! Nice to see another Worcester (area) food blogger in the blogosphere! I work practically across the street from Firewood. I've tried their lentil soup (just OK) but now I'll have to try the falafel sandwich!

  6. Hi Jess, welcome to the blog, and thanks for letting me know about VegWorcester. I didn't realize they had posted a link to me, but that's great! I'm glad you let me know about the lentil soup; I probably won't bother if it's not stellar.

  7. Ooo, vegan hot cocoa, that's a good one. I should have included "cool" in my list. Everything is "cool" or "awesome" with me. :0 I like your answers, especially what you've learned from the past. Thanks for "playing"!!!